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Calculates weight shapes sizes cuts to Market. Calculates all shapes of diamonds
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Diamonds Calculator software is a must for all Jewelry Professionals, Jewelers, Pawnbrokers, Refineries, Laymen, Investors and Consumers. Diamonds Calculator takes over where the Rap Sheet leaves off. Computes both Mounted and Unmounted Diamonds. No Diamond scale, No Problem. Adjusts and Corrects the Market price with deductions in several different categories for Diamonds that are away from the norm in Quality. Saves to a text or document file and will print to create a Diamond database inventory record. Date of purchase, date sold, price paid, sold to, and personal notes. Makes Adjustments and Corrections based on the Shape, Color, Clarity, Length, Width, Depth, Table, Girdle, Polish, Culet size, Finish/A Symmetry and the Fluorescence Grade (identification purposes only). Calculates the Round, Marquise, Emerald, Oval, Heart, Pear, Princess, Trillion, Triangle, and the Radiant Diamond. Diamonds Calculator is the fast and easy approach for all Diamond calculations. Diamond Calculator computes all calculations with accuracy. Diamonds Calculator will convert all weights, shapes and sizes and cuts and gives an accurate readout according to the Market price. Diamonds Calculator was designed and developed by a Jewelry Professional with twenty five years experience and holds a GIA certification. Uses virtually No System Resources. The latest Runtime files are included with the application as well as install and uninstall support. System requirements, will work with all windows platforms, 95/98/ME/2000/XP/NT No more adding machines, mathematics, or traditional calculators. Diamonds Calculator completely eliminates the possibility of errors. Awarded Five stars at ninteen different leading software sites.

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